Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona

Real Madrid lost the Spanish Supercup to Barcelona today in the cup’s second leg. Messi was behind all three of Barca’s goals in today’s match, just as he was behind both of the two goals from the previous leg. He scored twice in this one and he could have had a hat trick. Ronaldo, conversely, scored once but was otherwise quiet on the attack. Bummer. Benzema scored the other goal for Los Blancos, but it wasn’t enough. The game was filled with cards, including two reds, one for Marcelo and one for Özil. Mourinho is lucky not to have been carded for his little pinch of a maneuver, though I am confident he will be fined, suspended, or both once the Spanish authorities see it on film.

Read more about the game from Real Madrid’s website here.

If the Spanish Supercup tells us anything about the 2011-2012 season, it is in fact that both of these teams are a world-wide force to be reckoned with. It tells us that Barcelona is not necessarily going to walk all over Real Madrid as they did last year. It tells us that we need to refine our striking. We have some work to do, and yet we are a much improved team over last year. It is encouraging!


  • Alonso: 1
  • Benzema: 1
  • Özil: 1
  • Ronaldo: 1
  • Goals for: 4
  • Goals against: 5