Psalm 119:65-72

These verses all begin with the Hebrew letter tet (ט).

You did good with your servant
Oh Lord, according to your word.

Good discernment and knowledge teach me
for I believe in your commandments.

Before I was obedient, I went astray
but now I keep your words.

You are good and you do good; teach me your statutes.

The arrogant smeared me with lies;
I watch over your precepts with all my heart.

Their heart was insensitive like fat;
I took delight in your laws.

It was good for me when I was humiliated
so that I would learn your statutes.

The law of your mouth is better to me
than thousands of gold and silver.


Trivium’s In Waves

In Waves (Special Edition) by Trivium – Download In Waves (Special Edition) on iTunes

Trivium’s fifth album is absolutely awesome (Which one of their’s isn’t?). It released yesterday, and this week only Forsake Not the Dream is downloadable for free straight from iTunes.

These songs are all favorites in the iTunes Store:

  • In Waves
  • Built to Fall
  • Of All These Yesterdays

Don’t forget to check out Forsake Not the Dream and the rest of the album!