Intronaut: A Metal Jam Band

Check out Intronaut on iTunes

In high school, I really liked the Dave Matthews Band (DMB). I loved Carter Beauford, the drummer. He made double-bass drumming appealing to me. I am a jazz drummer, and that band really appealed to me as they blended many different genres together into a unique jazz-like style. Most importantly, they were a jam band. Solos and jams abounded and not just in concert as they would record their jam sessions even for their albums. But DMB fell out of favor with me when they released American Baby. Several years later, I grasped hold of metal. Imagine my deep pleasure when I found Intronaut, a jam band in the metal genre. Metal jams are not something I necessarily want to listen to all the time. But having Intronaut’s two latest albums in the iTunes DJ gives me great delight when I hear their jams.

If you are interested in hearing a band jam within the metal genre, check out Intronaut. I have the two albums shown above, which are their latest offerings. They have a few others. I think they are great and very musically talented. They can thrash, but they can also break it down. Their music is very dynamic; at some points they can tear your face off, and at others you can sit back and relax as you melt in the still base notes. Give them a listen.