Paradise is Falling Down

While the lyrics within the song are explicit, the song offers something worth pondering. This song, We Shall All Bleed (from Wolves), was what caught my attention to listen to Deadlock, but not because of the lyrics. The music is amazing, especially with the female lead vocals in stark contrast with the growling male vocals. But this post concerns the lyrics.

The song starts off in deep growling fury, describing the destructiveness of life and the suffering being caused due to insatiable greed:

Another heart another life just another test
Another murder another lie just another death

And ours is to suffer for you want always more
And ours is to suffer cause you kill all that we adore

The next two lines seem to sum up such a life:

I don’t need no master to command
I am the law by myself

As a result, paradise is lost.

Paradise is falling down
And you try to leave this god damn town
And your world is burning down
Like rats forsaking a sinking ship
Down to your knees and pray

But we shall all bleed together eternally
For this is the hell we all created

Paradise is lost; it is burning down, and it is the result of the life we live. Deadlock has poignantly declared that we fail to take ownership of this failed life and need to seek forgiveness. In fact, the song narrows the scope, stating that it is the lack of love that causes paradise to be lost:

With every lie you whisper to our ears
(While you wander through all you created)
A town underfed with love born up from pain
(There will be no more water
while your paradise is burning down)

Hell, love. Paradise, greed. While we don’t live in paradise, we do suffer together. What can we all use more of? Love. Thought provoking.