Love Will Overcome

I have been a huge Killswitch Engage fan ever since I first got into metal back in 2008. This band, I tell you, is deep. And they write awesome music. This post is about a topic that is not very metal, despite the band’s genre. This post is about the lyrics from one of KSE’s earlier songs, Rise Inside (from Alive or Just Breathing). Hear this:

. . . (Chorus) Time has come to make a difference.
Why have we forsaken love?
Time has come to raise our voices.
So rise up, and fight with me. . . .

And note this:

(Bridge) Hatred is a weakness.
You’ve become the victim.
I believe love will overcome. . . .

Love is not very metal. Yet, KSE has no problem declaring the power of love over and above hatred.

Powerful, no?