Light in a Darkened World

Like a broken record, I will tell you as I have before that Killswitch Engage writes deep lyrics. In fact, they might even be religious or come from a religious background. The proof is in the pudding. Light in a Darkened World (from their most recent self-titled album) seems to quote Joshua 24:15 while combining elements from Eph 5:14, Isaiah 60, and 1 John. The topic is morality, which isn’t exactly a very metal topic. Read on.

I’ve seen so much corruption
And it’s hard to endure
Living on greed and positions
Is this what were dying for?

The band sets the stage–this world is dark. As such, they call us to make a choice:

Now choose this day
Who you will serve
To be the light
In the darkened world

Straight out of Joshua 24, “Choose you this day whom you will serve,” right? Or maybe it is bearing strong overtones from Ephesians and 1 John? But, wait, there’s more:

Many are willing
To only live for themselves
Turning away from morality
Nothing can turn you now

Is this not the calling that Christians both Catholic, Reformed, and Protestant alike aspire to, willingly to live morally dedicated lives?

While the idea is not very metal, the song is fantastic if not for its lyrics.