One of my all-time favorite songs is Dying Breed (from Manifesto) by Deadlock. Amazing music. Deep lyrics. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot! Note that the quoted lyrics are explicit. This song shows that humans are creating their own Armageddon, and it is atrocious. Consider this:

(It is utterly exhausting, an awful bore
Such a miserable life, nothing left to adore
it is utterly disappointing, the most awful bore
Our miserable lives, nothing left to live for)

Just to start, the song declares that this life is miserably disappointing, and it is, as we will read in a moment, a direct result of the misuse, the abuse, of our instruments, which bring us to our own Armageddon.

No instrument of torture, no weapon
Not any fucking technical horrible machine
Can put the disaster to the next level
Evocation of Armageddon

All that we can kill, has been killed before
In every single possible way
Where is the extreme
That beats everything?

No, the blight of humanity is itself, for humanity dominates to the point of its own extinction:

Humanity is always innovation
Improvement of a controlled
And dominated creation
Our breed has been elected

To discover all varieties of perversion
And become social neglected

Furthermore, perceptions have become warped and perverted:

Pain isn’t what it was anymore
Rape somebody, kill a child, an awful bore
Pain has to be reinvented, putting murder and violation
On a higher non-human level, to become godlike

Deadlock is showing that humanity is depraved, and a true transformation is necessary at a transcendent level. We must forsake power and extremes and remember altruism:

(Ultima ratio, murder the murderers
Pile up their torment and let’s throw ourselves straight into it
The next step is becoming godlike
And to steal his fucking throne)

Megalomania is creation
Extremism loved to distraction
Altruism is forced to rest
Such a sorrowful manifest

We are the dying breed.

Is it not true that humans specialize in all things depraved? This song highlights the fact that humanity is destroying itself and is responsible for its own destruction. Friends, contemplate on these things.