Angels of Mercy

Deadlock is one of my favorite bands. While they cuss, there seems to be something more than meets the ears behind the lyrical inspirations for this band. Check out the lyrics from May Angels Come from Earth.Revolt:

. . . All your pretty faces hide demons inside
Take me from this hell or take the hell away from me
Like the decaying Babylon your empires shall burn and now you cry for freedom
May angels come to save our souls from the lies of this world
Now angels of mercy go find your way through all the decay come and take us away
Up in the skies the storm is raging mankind is now on the gateway to extinction
Through all the pain and misery out in the ruins you seek shelter you will lie screaming in agony until we rip your heart out
An army risen from the graves to regain our place on earth
An alliance with angels of vengeance let the prophecy come true
Now when I hold your cold face to mine I can see that the sun will shine again

Something to think about.