Tron: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Score)

Find Daft Punk > Tron: Legacy on iTunes.

As much as I don’t want to say it, my buddy, Erik, is right: the score for Tron: Legacy is really good. I mean it. Really good.

I guess I was skeptical, because the composer is Daft Punk. I mean, come on, really? Do they know how to compose orchestral music? The proof is in the pudding; they did a great job.

The album is catchy and dynamic. Yes, given Daft Punk’s speciality, it has a lot of electronics in it, which are not my favorite, but they did a great job blending it all together. Most of all, it is original. There is nothing recycled about this album, which makes it most delightful.

If you are looking for a good original motion picture score, this is one to obtain. I highly recommend it. You can thank Erik.

Here are some noteworthy songs from the score as per the popularity in the iTunes Store:

  • Derezzed
  • The Grid

Personally, I like the first song, the Overture, and all the songs similar to it. Which ones do you like?