Green Lantern (Original Motion Picture Score)

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James Newton Howard (JNH) is at it again with the original motion picture score for this summer’s Green Lantern debut film starring Ryan Reynolds.

The music starts off with some dynamic and suspenseful bits. It’s not all that pretty; indeed, it sets the pace for the rest of the album. The fourth song, Drone Dogfight, is mediocre at best. I don’t know why JNH felt the need to incorporate electronic instruments into the score, but it just doesn’t jive well for me. The album doesn’t show any promise until 5 songs in. Did Adam Put You Up to This?, the 5th song, is intriguing and pretty, dynamic and suspenseful, and void of electronic instruments and full of strings, brass, and light percussion. It is a delightful song. The next hint of goodness is found in Genesis of Good and Evil, albeit short lived, and likewise for The Induction Process. The album falls flat for a while until it comes to You Have to Be Chosen. This song is pretty in places, but still just mediocre at best. You Have to Be Chosen is followed by Hector’s Analysis, which is decent. Hal Battles Parallax, the climactic song of the album, is suspenseful, energetic, and dynamic, and it is clearly the best song of the score. Though it is still filled with electronic bits, it is a solid composition. The last two songs of the score, however, quickly lose steam and taper off rapidly.

To put it bluntly, this score is not the best work of JNH. In large part, this score is boring and dull. Infrequently it showed promise. Ultimately, it was a disappointment, because it was infused with too many electronic bits.

Here are some noteworthy songs from the album:

  • Did Adam Put You Up to This?
  • We’re Going to Fly Now
  • You Have to Be Chosen
  • Hector’s Analysis
  • Hal Battles Parallax