X-Men: First Class (Original Motion Picture Score)



X-Men: First Class by Henry Jackman – Download X-Men: First Class on iTunes.

Who is this Henry Jackman who composed the latest score in the X-Men movie series? According to his Wikipedia entry, he has co-composed several scores, most notably The Holiday and Vantage Point, but this score appears to be his first all by his lonesome, and it is amazing. He successfully incorporated strings, brass, and percussion in this thrilling score. His music appeals to the ears and provokes the heart. Indeed, it is emotionally adorned with beautiful piano highlights amidst peaceful strings, yet it is powerful and suspenseful, as any action movie should have, and, so, it is a well blended score.

There are, however, a few things I don’t care for. I don’t care for the electronic instruments. If I am going to listen to a score, I would prefer it to be all acoustic. I don’t always get this feature, and I feel let down when I don’t. Transformers, however much I like it, does fail me in this aspect. But this failure is not enough for me to toss Transformers to the wayside, and the same is true of X-Men, but I digress.

Also, I don’t care for the “band”-like features. I want to listen to an orchestra, not a band. If wanted to listen to a band, I’d listen to metal. Band-like motifs, in my opinion, is unsavory in a score.

Still, I recommend this album. It is not boring or dull, but instead it is very entertaining, dynamic, and well composed.

Here are my favorite songs from this album:

  • First Class
  • Cerebro
  • Rise Up to Rule
  • Rage and Serenity
  • To Beast or Not To Beast
  • Coup d’état
  • Mutant and Proud
  • X-Men