Crysis 2 (Original Videogame Soundtrack)

Crysis 2 (Original Videogame Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer – Download Crysis 2 (Original Videogame Soundtrack) on iTunes.

It’s been a while since an original score really captivated my attention. Last Samurai, At World’s End, Batman Begins, and Transformers are among my favorites. Indeed, 2007 was a fantastic year, since it saw Transformers and At World’s End. But since then? I have not yet been captivated by anything as of late. Until now.

Crysis 2, which has been touched and molded by Hans Zimmer and others. Even though it isn’t for a movie, the music is really good. There are two albums: Crysis 2 and Crysis 2: Be Fast! Both albums have their own tracks, and both are necessary. For the price, you currently can’t beat it: each one is but $3.99 on iTunes!

By comparison, the Be Fast album isn’t as good as the regular original videogame album. It has lots of movements, but none that are particularly riveting. The original videogame album, however, begins and ends particularly well, yet it is filled with delightful moments throughout.

I wouldn’t say Crysis 2 is better than Transformers or At World’s End, but it definitely is good enough to captivate my attention. With summer swiftly approaching, it will be interesting to see if any movies come out with anything better than this video game’s score.

Here are some noteworthy tracks:

  • Crysis 2 Intro
  • Insertion
  • New York Aftermath
  • Under Assault
  • Invaders
  • Nano/Catalyst
  • Nanosuit 2/Crynet Systems
  • Unsafe Haven
I tag Erik Oleson over at Major William’s Gunpla and Halo Blog to give his thoughts on the Crysis 2 score.