Real Madrid 2-3 Zaragoza

Real Madrid C.F. – Official Web Site – Real Madrid 2-3 Zaragoza.

What the flip, Uncle Rico? I was hoping for a win that might boost morale for the 2nd leg of the Champions League semifinals El Clasico later this next week. Alas, it was not to be. Los Blancos lost today 2-3. Both Sergio Ramos and Benzema scored. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham

Chelsea got off to a great start in this game against Tottenham. Torres even looked relaxed. Drogba took a 35 yard free kick that Gomez tapped into the crossbar. A goal was seemingly imminent. The Blues were energetic and lively, although at times a bit skittish. But the Spurs scored a goal spur of the moment. Cech was not at fault; the goal was fortuitous. Fortune abounded for both sides, for at the end of the first half, Lampard buys a lottery ticket from 40 yards out and takes a shot, but Gomez drops it and it went between his legs. As it was crossing the line, he grabbed it. The sideline referee did not at once declare it a goal. How could he? When the ball was on the line, he was not perpendicular, but, rather, he was even with the penalty spot! A few seconds later, the sideline referee declared it a goal. Replay evidence shows the referee was wrong. But the damage against Tottenham has been done. Chelsea have equalized illegitimately before the half.

Ivanovich made some hard runs in the first half, and he continued to do so in the second. Shortly after the start of the second half, he dribbled all the way to the 18 where it appeared he was fouled, but the referee didn’t call it. This game, unfortunately, was being mutilated by the officials. And it simply never got any better.

Again, Drogba took a long free kick about 40 yards out. This one looked like a knuckle ball. Gomez could only batter it away. It went straight to a blue jersey, but nothing came of it.

The Blues made their way into the box in the 68th minute, and there was surely a goal scoring opportunity that was prevented due to a foul it seemed, but, again, the referee did not see it that way.

Chances kept pouring in throughout the second half, but the Blues were unsuccessful at putting the ball into the back of the net. It was reported around the 75th minute that possession was 50-50, but it seems that Chelsea was in control and has had far more goal scoring opportunities.

Ramires made a driving run to the box in the 85th minute, also seemingly fouled, but, again, the referee did not agree.

Then came the 88th minute. The sloppiest goal you have ever seen Chelsea score came at the end of the second half. Kalou put the ball in the back of the net after Drogba and company nearly missed the opportunity to take the lead. Admittedly, Kalou was in an offside position, but the referees did not call it. Perhaps they were making up for their own previous foul-ups.

After four minutes of added time, Chelsea walked off the pitch with three points in hand, just three points behind Manchester United who don’t play until tomorrow.

In many ways, this game was beautiful. In many other ways, it was supremely frustrating. Controversial to boot, this game was fun to watch. Go Blues!