The Future of the Kings and ARCO Arena

From Bleacher Report:

“The Sacramento Metro Chamber is currently working with the Mayor’s office in the ongoing effort to demonstrate that Sacramento has been and will continue to be a viable NBA market for the Sacramento Kings. The Metro Chamber’s work includes identifying existing business support, new business support and potential support for the team. The critical component of those three is identifying—immediately—new corporate suite holders and sponsors that bring new revenue to the table.”

The Maloofs have been trying to move the Kings into a new stadium for some time now. ARCO Arena, newly dubbed The Power Balance Arena, is somewhat archaic. The acoustics are terrible and it’s design is a bit dated. What they want more than anything it seems is to get the Kings an arena in downtown Sacramento. But voters have not approved. It has come to the point that the Maloofs are tired of begging, and they have resolved in their minds to relocate to a new city altogether. Anaheim is beckoning.

I say they should go. Leave. They have failed to produce during my lifetime and have been nothing but frustrating to watch. I’ve moved on from the Kings and the NBA anyway, so I really don’t care. If they go, I’ve got some ideas.

First, tear down ARCO. Get rid of it. It is old and it just simply needs to go.

Second, bring in a team from a different sports franchise. I have a few proposals, but I will save my favorite one for last.

One option would be to build an American football stadium and move the Raiders to Sacramento. They are accustomed to moving, so why not?

Another option would be to upgrade the Rivercats to the MLB and give them a new and improved stadium.

There are problems with these two options. The Raiders probably won’t want to uproot again, and who will feed the Athletics? Besides, it is an expensive thing to fund a new stadium, so there are financial problems both of these teams would have. I suppose they could do a loan, but I’m sure there would be some road blocks.

My favorite option would be to take the Sacramento Knights, the professional indoor soccer team, and put them into the MLS. If you didn’t know, the MLS is on the up and up. It’s growing. Not to mention, soccer stadiums can be built for cheap for starters. Build a cheap stadium for the Knights, allow them to build a fan base and revenue, and then in a few years they can provide sufficient funds for a stadium. I would propose a name change: Sac FC, nicknamed the Knights.

I don’t watch the NFL, MLB, or MLS, but if the MLS came to Sacramento, I would go to see a few games a year and watch the other games on TV.

In any case, let the Kings leave. Let’s get a winning franchise here. The Knights are successful, as are the Rivercats, but if they are put into the MLS or MLB, respectively, there’s no telling how well they would do. The Raiders, well, not so much, but I’m sure the Raider nation will come together nicely in Sacramento should they come here.

What do you think? Should ARCO be taken down? Who should replace the Kings if they leave?