Steve Saleen’s SMS Supercars

Picture courtesy of Autoblog.

HT: StangNet

In an earlier post, we noted that Saleen is nixing their vehicle lineup.

I’ll admit, I don’t currently own a Mustang and have been out of the loop for a while, so please forgive me, since this information is new to me and I am definitely providing it very late.

Steve Saleen has started a different company, SMS Supercars, in which he is selling an aftermarket Challenger, Camaro, and, of course, Mustang. His aftermarket Mustang looks strangely familiar to the S197 Saleens from the past several years.

Well, StangNet referenced Autoblog’s recent post on SMS’s 2010 offerings for the Mustang. It will include three options between the white, yellow, and black labels, where the white is less modified and the black being the most.

Saleen has ceased their production, but SMS has taken Saleen’s place in many ways. Check out the links and see for yourself. The Autoblog seems to have an exclusive access to the SMS press release, as I could not find the press release directly at their website. But check out both sites, because you can see the current aftermarket 2011 Mustangs as well as what is to come in 2012.