Chelsea 0-1 Manchester United

Chelsea started this important game rather poorly. Multiple goal opportunities without any results. A few mistakes in the back left the pesky Rooney wide open to place a goal. Before halftime Lampard nearly pulled one back had it not been for Evra. After the break we just couldn’t produce. The same poor passing from the first half carried over into the second. Crossing did not improve. Effort was evidently lacking. But Drogba was working hard. And then, inexplicably, Drogba was taken out, being replaced by Anelka. I don’t understand this substitution. Drogba was working and and creating chances, but Torres had been most unsuccessful. Nearing the end of the match, there were just too many things that were off. First touch. Dribbling. Pace. Striking. Placement. This performance was uncharacteristically Chelsea. Given the rest of this season, it’s not unbelievable, however disappointing and maddening. Never mind the penalty kick that should have been with Ramires. The rest of the performance was simply bad. Hope is not lost: if we win by 2 while at Old Trafford, we can advance, which is not impossible. What is sad in this situation is that Chelsea’s home record against ManU is over. Bummer.