Inter Milan 0-3 AC Milan

Inter lost 3-nil to Milan. It didn’t look good at the start. Only 45 seconds in, Pato scored against Inter. The game was ugly, and, from a black and blue fan, it was boring. Inter was lackluster and stagnant. Milan had the energy and motivation necessary to take care of business in this Milan derby. Chivu prevented a second goal by clipping Pato on the breakaway, earning himself a red card towards the start of the second half. Down to 10 men, things were dire for Inter. It wouldn’t be long before Milan would get their second goal. Then, I fell asleep. Like I said, Inter was boring today. At some point while I was asleep, somewhere around the 85th minute I guess, Milan scored a third goal. They simply squashed Inter today, just like they did in the derby earlier in the season.

Milan come away with both derbies this season, and they are now the heavy favorites for winning the league. Inter, what happened? We had great momentum before the international break, but all was lost in the return. Pitiful.

Let’s focus on the Champions League now. At least Milan can’t participate in that one.

Real Madrid 0-1 Sporting Gijón

Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijón Live – Stream, Live Scores, TV Schedules :: April 2, 2011 Spain La Liga :: Football by Live Soccer TV.

Upset. How can this be? Near top of table Real Madrid, playing middle of the table Sporting Gijón, and who comes out the victor? Sporting. Whiskey tango foxtrot?

Note the stats, as provided by Real Madrid had 33 shots, 0 goals. Sporting had 4 shots, 1 goal. Unbelievable, right? Oh, it gets worse. Real Madrid had 13 of those 33 shots on goal, with no results. Sporting, however, had but 1 of those 4 on frame, and it resulted in a goal.

With both Benzema and Ronaldo missing, Los Blancos could not get the job done against the clearly inferior team. Sad.

Better set our sights on Champions League, because La Liga is doubtful.

Chelsea 1-1 Stoke

Well, Chelsea choked against Stoke. David Luiz made a grave mistake early on, allowing Stoke to gain the lead. Not much later, Drogba scored an equalizer, which was a rather nice goal. He hit the cross bar two other times, but just couldn’t find the back of the net.

All momentum built up prior to the international break was lost. Chelsea just couldn’t capitalize. They did look good at times, keeping possession and moving the ball quickly, but they simply could not produce the goals necessary to earn three points and stay in contention for the league title.

Let’s not forget to point out that Torres still has not scored a goal. Was he really worth £50,000,000? Let’s not fail to recognize Ramires’ mistakes in front of goal, not playing the whistle, having poor touches. We would be remiss should we forget to highlight David Luiz’s mistake with Walters towards the start of the game. It alone cost the Blues 2 points. While these transfers have had their moments, especially Ramires and David Luiz, they are not without their baggage.

Okay, well, we got 1 point. It’s better than no points. But it is frustrating. Hopefully things will pick up for us on Wednesday in the Champions League against Manchester United. Winning there might really help boost Chelsea and demoralize ManU in both leagues.