New Mustang Color for 2012: Lava Red Metallic

Ford is producing the 2012 Mustang with one additional paint color, lava red metallic, according to StangNet, who is basing its information from Mustang Heaven. See this post for more details.

I love this paint. It is like the 98 Mystic Cobra. Close up, it looks like a black cherry red, but, as per pictures, farther away it looks black. Very nice color. I’m still hooked on grabber blue with those aluminum rims though, but I thought this new lava red metallic was worth a mention.

2 thoughts on “New Mustang Color for 2012: Lava Red Metallic

  1. It is pretty nice. But grabber blue is so cool! It really pops and catches the eye. Kind of like our chrome yellow Saleen. Too bad chrome yellow isn’t available anymore.

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