The Future of Martial Arts Movies

In high school and much of college, I was really into martial arts movies, especially Jet Li. My favorite one was Fist of Legend. As I type, I am currently watching Fist of Fury, the Bruce Lee movie that Fist of Legend seems to have been based on. My cousin really liked Jackie Chan, and I liked him best in The Legend of the Drunken Master. The two teamed up in The Forbidden Kingdom recently, which was rather enjoyable. But they are aging. Like Chuck Norris, they will have to settle down. I have not been watching martial arts movies since college, and, so, I am not familiar with this genre’s posterity. Who are the movie warriors to replace Jet Li and Jackie Chan? Well, replace is too strong. Who will fill their shoes? Who are already on the rise? What contemporary movies are available with up and coming warriors? It doesn’t matter if it is a Kung Fu or ninja movie. I just love martial arts; seeing it in the movies is just plain and simple fun.

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