Whodunit: CSI vs NCIS

I love a good murder mystery movie or television show. As for TV, I love two particular programs–CSI and NCIS. I started watching CSI back in high school. Now, I’m not a fan of CSI: Miami and I can only tolerate CSI: New York. The original CSI, the one depicting a forensics crime lab in Las Vegas, is my favorite of the three, and I don’t merely tolerate this one. I love it. In the past year, I have expanded my whodunit horizons; I began watching NCIS. I’m not talking about the one in Los Angeles with Chris O’Donnell and Ice Cube. No, I’m talking about the one that takes place out of Washington DC. Like CSI, I love it.

Each of these whodunits have their own distinctive characteristics that I really enjoy. I love CSI’s focus on forensics, but I love NCIS’s playful banter. I love NCIS’ focus on deduction, but I love CSI’s complex antagonists. There are other differences, but I have made my point.

Now, which one is better, CSI or NCIS?