Bizarro World: Deadlock’s Latest

Deadlock’s latest album, Bizarro World, is, well, different. Earth.Revolt, their debut album, had Scherer as a complement to the growls. In both Wolves and Manifesto, their 2nd and 3rd albums, respectively, she had the lead role. Bizarro World builds on this lead role. Something is bizarre with this album; it just doesn’t satisfy. It is hard to pinpoint. Indeed, I have added this album to my metal playlist. I don’t intend to listen to this album straight through anymore. I give this album a 4 out of 5 stars. Two songs are really good out of the 9 original songs, not counting 2 all instrumental pieces. Virus Jones and Brutal Romance are the best of the lot, with Falling Skyward, Earthlings, You Left Me Dead, and Htrae all hot on the trail. The lowest part of this album is its pop rock style in State of Decay and Renegade. We can forgive its ballad, Paranoia Extravaganza, as I think all albums, metal or not, should have at least one. But the pop rock style of the two aforementioned songs is inconceivable. It’s just not very metal.