Inter Milan 3-2 Bayern Munich

What. A. Game. The 2009-2010 Champions League final redux, Inter vs Bayern, took place today in Germany. And it was a thriller. Eto’o scored off of a seemingly offside position within the first 5 minutes. But that was just the beginning. The rest of the game was filled with suspense for both teams. Errors were numerous. And we are talking about critical leading-to-goal-scoring-opportunities errors. Bayern answered Inter’s goal with two of their own fairly quickly. And then they nearly had a few more after that. But Inter had their chances too, though not as gaping. Inter trailed the majority of the game despite having scored first. But they scored twice in the second half, bringing the aggregate total between both legs to a tie, pushing Inter on into the next round due to away goal advantage. Amazing. Forza Inter!

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