Psalm 119:41-48

All of these verses start with waw, ו (pronounced like the German w, “vav”).

So, may your steadfast love come, oh Lord,
Let your salvation come according to your word.

So, may I have an answer for those who taunt me with a word,
For I have trusted in your word.

So, do not utterly remove the word of truth from my mouth,
For I have waited for your judgments.

So, let me keep your law continually, forever and ever.

So, let me walk in an open place,
For I have sought your precepts.

So, let me tell of your declarations before kings and not be put to shame.

So, let me take pleasure in your commandments, which I have loved.

So, let me lift my hands to your commandments, which I have loved, and let me meditate on your statutes.


Real Madrid 2-0 Hercules

Real Madrid gained 3 points in the table today in their 2-nil win over Hercules. Benzema netted twice in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Nice. Since CR won’t be in the Champions League match against Olympique Lyon this week, it’s good to see Benzema getting plenty of goals and Real Madrid is doing fine without him. Things are looking hopeful for that match.