It took me a year and a half, but I did it–I have read Bram Stoker’s 1897 edition of Dracula. Some parts were vivid and entertaining. Other parts were brief and lacking. But, ultimately, it was an interesting book. I found particularly intriguing the way the power of God was involved. God’s will and mercy had a respectable part in the story, so that, no matter how powerful Dracula or his vampires might have been, there were limitations involved; in the struggle of good versus evil, good was the stronger. Also of a noteworthy point: Dracula could change form, and not merely into a bat. Furthermore, he could seemingly control mist and fog, and his vampires could take the form of mist. I’d like to see Edward Cullen do that!


2011 Steeda Street Fighter

Courtesy of the Steeda Facebook Fan Page

Steeda Facebook Fan Page

Saleens and Roushes are all too common for “exotics” here in the valley of Northern California. Not nearly as common as the Mustang GT or the GT500, but, still. Steeda, however, is hardly ever seen in this part of the country, save for on the internet or at Mustang shows and cruises. Maybe you would like to order one to have a distinguished look and feel?

With 690 horsepower under the hood, you won’t be lacking any power. It has functional air ducts in the front fascia to route fresh air to cool the brakes. It has an aggressive stance to boot. Everything about this car is unique, and it is a sweet ride. If you are in Northern California, and if you want something that is completely set apart from the rest of the Mustang crowd, this one is it.