My First Mustang: 1994 Mustang Cobra SVT

My first Mustang was a white 5.0L Cobra. I had wanted a Mustang since high school, but I couldn’t get one, since I was under my parents’ insurance and financial support. I sold my car, a 1999 Acura Integra GSR coup, while a sophomore in college, and I bought this 1994 Mustang to replace it under the aid of my friend, Joel Courage. I had finally obtained a Mustang. It was my financial responsibility: I obtained my own insurance and paid for my own gas. It was significantly cheaper paying fir these things than paying for the loan on the Integra. And I was happy.

I had this Cobra for 2 years. I only made one true modification of my own: I switched to a Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter. The previous owner did the other changes: 2″ drop, Mac cold air exhaust, air conditioning bypass, Saleen 351 wing with a GT trunk lid, hammer shifter grip, tinted windows, including driver and passenger doors, and engine bay lights with blue covers. I switched the wing for a stock GT one, since Cobra trunk lids and wings are rare for 1994. I swapped the hammer shifter knob for an original one. I removed the bulbs in the engine bay. The only ticket I ever had was a fix-it ticket for the illegal tint, so I removed the tint from the door windows. He also had a cobra window decal on the rear main window, which I removed, and, to my pleasant surprise, the sun had faded the tint around the decal, so, once removed, the cobra snake was essentially burned in. I did repair the exhaust. The previous owner installed turn downs that often caught on speed bumps. One Saturday while driving southbound on I-5, one of the mufflers had it’s input pipe break through, so the muffler began to drag. I had only discovered it after getting to my destination. I decided to replace it with a Mac cat-back exhaust.

This particular Cobra had 3.27 gears. It was a 5.0L V8. I expected it to be fast. When I got it initially, it was not any faster than my Integra. Joel took a look at it with me, and he found that I was only operating off of 6 cylinders. One spark plug was not screwed in and a spark plug wire was grounding out on a header. We swapped plugs and wires. We changed the coil. Presto. My Cobra came alive. It was the fastest car I had ever been in. Joel is a race car driver, so I let him drive it after changing the electrical components. When he stepped on the gas, I went bug-eyed. I had never been sucked in to my seat like that before. It was quite the experience.

I began learning how to drive the car. It had lots of torque; breaking traction while taking a corner was simple. Learning to control it didn’t come easy. Foolishly, I lost control of it one night and did a complete 180. Fortunately, I didn’t hit anyone as the street was empty and absent of any cars or people. I got scared of the car, which led me to respect its power and drove me to master it. I figured out how to control it with practice, and it was fun.

I had this Mustang when I met my wife. I later sold it to pay for her engagement ring, since I didn’t have a need for a car any more, because we could use her car to get around town.

It was a good car, and, frankly, I miss it. This Mustang was fast and fun, but it was simple and affordable. And it was my first, though certainly not my last.

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  1. This car WAS fast… Remember when you and Ty raced down Shasta View, back to Simpson? Good times…

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