Chelsea 3-1 Blackpool

Chelsea beat Blackpool today 3-1. Thus, they have gained 6 points on Manchester United in the last 7 days. Still in fourth place, but this week may have provided the inspiration and momentum necessary both to secure a Champions League for next year and to attempt to get to the top of the table for this season.

This game had its moments, but, for the most part, Chelsea didn’t play well. Missed opportunities. Silly mistakes. Selfishness at the expense of Torres. But we did get 3 goals and 3 points nonetheless. Terry had a nice header to open the scoring. Lampard did score his first goal in live play as opposed to his other goal that was from his usual spot. David Luiz and Peter Czech allowed one goal all game that I do feel could have been avoided had David Luiz not lunged near post; I would argue that if he had stood up and blocked the far post, Czech could have guarded the near post, but, because he lunged near post, it blocked Czech’s view, albeit momentarily, allowing the ball to slip by and into the goal. One goal lead to multiple opportunities as the Blues shut down mentally, but Blackpool was not able to capitalize. Chelsea wins. Next game, we need Torres to get a goal or two. Time to build up his confidence.


Female Metal: Deadlock

One of my favorite bands is Deadlock, a melodic metal band from Germany with a female lead singer. Sabine Scherer offers the beautiful female, clean vocals in contrast to the deep, aggressive growls. This band thrives off of this dualistic approach. Soon their latest album, Bizzaro World, will be released. See their website for more details,