Real Madrid vs Racing Santander Tomorrow, Noon

Los Blancos need to win tomorrow. But can they do it? Cristiano Ronaldo is out due to injury. How dependent are they on No. 7? Notably Kaka is also out due to injury. Will we see another 6-1 victory? I think not. But the Chosen One will surely manage the team to achieve the W without CR. Watch the game on GolTV, tomorrow, at noon. More on the match from LiveSoccer TV.


Inter not Going to Gain Ground This Week

AC Milan beat Juventus today 1-nil. Unfortunately, their win means that Inter won’t gain any ground on them this week. We need some other teams to get the W against AC Milan if we are to surpass them and get on top of the league table. Maybe next week. Until then, we need to keep pace with AC Milan; tomorrow’s game is a must win. Forza Inter!


Female Metal: The Agonist


Melodic metal is my favorite non-orchestra music. Most metal bands are comprised of males. But there are female singers and band members in several metal bands. Here’s one noteworthy band with a female lead singer: The Agonist. Their first album, Only Once Imagined, is available from iTunes, as is their sophomore album, Lullabies for the Dormant Mind.

The Agonist is an example of what I would classify as melodic metal. It has all the screaming, growling, drumming, and shredding that you would expect from a metal band, but it also includes sweet melodies and clean singing, in this case, courtesy of female lead singer, Alissa White-Gluz.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United (Go Blues!)


Next Match Preview – Liverpool FC

In order for Chelsea to have a chance at the league title again this year, they are going to need some help to take ManU down from the top. Liverpool plays against the Red Devils tomorrow at 8:30am PT. Let’s hope that Suarez gets a goal or two and Reina keeps a clean sheet. Liverpool’s success could help Chelsea in the long run. Let’s go, Liverpool (let’s go, Chelsea!)!