General Blogging

I used to have a blog in which I posted about the things that I am fond of. That blog was “James Gregory’s Blog,” which was hosted at Blogger. I gave up that sort of blogging to focus on Ephesians at “The Letter to the Ephesians” blog. But my work in Ephesians has been delayed. I have found myself writing a lot of work in biblical studies on Facebook and then posting said work on this blog. However, my friends on Facebook don’t seem to take an interest in what I write. At least here I find that people, strangers, do seem to read my work, however few. And, with Facebook, since I do not do Twitter, there are things that I want to write about that my friends simply do not care to see. Other venues, such as Ping in iTunes, doesn’t get as much cover as I would like, either. Therefore, I am transforming the way I use Iakobou. No longer will it be devoted to my biblical studies work and school papers. Instead, it is now my blog that I will use to post about the things that I am passionate about.

And what am I fond of? Music. I am a drummer. I love metal, and I love original motion picture scores. My musical tastes are a delightful contrast. Mustangs. I am a former owner of a 1994 Mustang Cobra SVT and a 1999 Saleen S-281sc. I love the idea of the Mustang–affordable fun and speed in a car, with an appropriate style and luxury without breaking the bank. Football. What Americans know as soccer, the world knows as football. I am both a Chelsea and an Inter Milan fan, because these teams have blue as their main color, which is my favorite hue; naturally, I was drawn to them. I am also a fan of Real Madrid, mostly because I can’t bear looking at the hideous Barcelona boys, and not many other La Liga teams get coverage in my area. Biblical studies. I love Greek and Hebrew, and I love to translate and explicate the Holy Scriptures. These are the things that I am passionate about. Of course, there are matters pertaining to my family and friends, but those will remain in the private sphere of my shielded Facebook account. However, I may post about other things as I deem worthy. After all, it is my blog, and I am free to write about whatever I wish. Starting now.