Chelsea 2-1 Manchester United

Today’s performance was entertaining. Chelsea had vigor that they have not displayed in a while. They had energy, and they had passion. Though not without mistakes, they played well. And they were victorious.

Torres still has yet to score, although his goal this game was ruled out, so he is on the verge of scoring.

Rooney’s goal was expedient. He took full advantage of the space alotted and punished the defensive line with a solid strike, managing to keep it no more than one foot off of the ground and placing it into the left pocket of the net. Splendid strike. He earned it.

But the Blues earned their win no doubt. David Luiz scored his first goal for the club. And Lampard capitalized on a penalty kick, earning Chelsea 3 points rather than 1, and allowing the top of the table to have a greater opportunity to take advantage of ManU’s vulnerability. Vidic walked away with a red card, so the Red Devils are likely to suffer at the hand of Liverpool this weekend.

What I want to mention is that Torres, though he has not yet scored, has not yet returned to full form. It is apparent. Surgery stunted his World Cup performance. It is stunted his 2010-2011 EPL performance. On top of that, he is now in a new city on a new team, and he is still trying to find his place in a club that already has 3 or 4 good forwards. But, as one of the commentators pointed out, for £50,000,000, Ancelotti should be building his front line around Torres and not making him to fit in to an already existing formation. It was, however, nice to see that Torres was given more than 50-60 minutes. He needs time to play to find his form again. He needs opportunities to figure out his place. He needs to shoot. He needs to adjust. He must play.

Way to go, Blues. Whether or not we win the title this season, it’s good knowing that we took down the current league leaders.


General Blogging

I used to have a blog in which I posted about the things that I am fond of. That blog was “James Gregory’s Blog,” which was hosted at Blogger. I gave up that sort of blogging to focus on Ephesians at “The Letter to the Ephesians” blog. But my work in Ephesians has been delayed. I have found myself writing a lot of work in biblical studies on Facebook and then posting said work on this blog. However, my friends on Facebook don’t seem to take an interest in what I write. At least here I find that people, strangers, do seem to read my work, however few. And, with Facebook, since I do not do Twitter, there are things that I want to write about that my friends simply do not care to see. Other venues, such as Ping in iTunes, doesn’t get as much cover as I would like, either. Therefore, I am transforming the way I use Iakobou. No longer will it be devoted to my biblical studies work and school papers. Instead, it is now my blog that I will use to post about the things that I am passionate about.

And what am I fond of? Music. I am a drummer. I love metal, and I love original motion picture scores. My musical tastes are a delightful contrast. Mustangs. I am a former owner of a 1994 Mustang Cobra SVT and a 1999 Saleen S-281sc. I love the idea of the Mustang–affordable fun and speed in a car, with an appropriate style and luxury without breaking the bank. Football. What Americans know as soccer, the world knows as football. I am both a Chelsea and an Inter Milan fan, because these teams have blue as their main color, which is my favorite hue; naturally, I was drawn to them. I am also a fan of Real Madrid, mostly because I can’t bear looking at the hideous Barcelona boys, and not many other La Liga teams get coverage in my area. Biblical studies. I love Greek and Hebrew, and I love to translate and explicate the Holy Scriptures. These are the things that I am passionate about. Of course, there are matters pertaining to my family and friends, but those will remain in the private sphere of my shielded Facebook account. However, I may post about other things as I deem worthy. After all, it is my blog, and I am free to write about whatever I wish. Starting now.