Ephesians Sentence by Sentence: 5:28b

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ὁ ἀγαπῶν τὴν ἑαυτοῦ γυναῖκα ἑαυτὸν ἀγαπᾷ. The one who loves the wive of himself loves himself.

Paul now restates the husband’s duty in reflexive terms. As already stated, husbands are to love their wives as their own bodies. They are to treat their wives as they treat their own bodies, that is, with nourishment, encouragement, and preservation. Now Paul puts it this way: the one who loves his own wife loves himself. The husband’s duty goes full circle. To love one’s own wife is the equivalent to loving one’s own self. If a husband loves his own wife, then he is actually loving himself. It is in the husband’s best interest to love his wife.

The one who loves his own wife loves himself.

Husbands are called to love their wives, and this action is a result of being filled by the Spirit. Husbands, realize this very thing, that when you love your wives, you are really loving yourselves. It has been said, “Happy wife, happy life.” You are doing yourselves a favor by loving your wives. And this love is a conscious choice of the will. We are not talking about falling in love, although it is not excluded from the conversation. You need to choose on a daily basis to love your wives, just as you do to choose to take care of your own bodies. You choose to feed yourselves with food, entertainment, and friendships. You choose to provide for your own bodies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Do not neglect to choose to invest in your wives by providing for them and placing their interests, concerns, desires, and needs above your own.